#BookReview: Circumstantial Evidence by Lisa Clark O’Neill

Follow The Evidence. This book flows well from the previous book, much like the previous book did from the book before it. Here, we delve further into the story of Will and Cam, who first met up in Admit One. But this time, the stakes are higher than they’ve been in Sweetwater. Ever. There was a kid that was murdered, and right when Will thinks he finally found his man… it turns out, his evidence was too circumstantial. There is another killer on the loose. And Will just put his burgeoning family square in its crosshairs… Excellent conclusion to this particular triliogy, while also more concretely (finally) tying into the author’s other works. Looking forward to exploring more from Ms. O’Neill.

This review of Circumstantial Evidence by Lisa Clark O’Neill was originally published on August 12, 2018.

#BookReview: Admit One by Lisa Clark O’Neill

Good Theatre. With this book, we pick up about a year after Mr. Write left off. Mason (Dixon) Armitage has come back to Sweetwater with a singular mission – to woo the woman he can’t stop thinking about. But the woman in question… well, she’s over him. Or so she thinks. Overall solid romance, if a tad slow, and with an intriguing mystery to boot. But there *were* a couple of slips of continuity where a character forgets things they knew just pages earlier. Still, very recommended read, and looking forward to seeing Will and Cam develop more in the next book.

This review of Admit One by Lisa Clark O’Neill was originally published on August 11, 2018.

#BookReview: Mr. Write by Lisa Clark O’Neill

Mr. Right. This was my first book from O’Neill, it won’t be my last. This one isn’t your typical romance book in that there are enough things going on that for a while it is difficult to determine which couple this book is ultimately about. After a point (call it 25-33% or so in?) it becomes more clear, and the both the romance and the suspense begin heating up. Overall a great look at small town life with big personalities, and a great romance. One note: Goodreads says this book is 522 pages. It never feels anywhere near that long – it feels like the time flies by as fast as books with half that page count or less.

This review of Mr. Write by Lisa Clark O’Neill was originally published on August 8, 2018.

#BookReview: Fatal Pursuit by Elisabeth Naugton

In this one, the mortal peril isn’t anywhere near as major as it was in the first two books, though there is certainly at least some of that. But with this book, Naughton makes the emotional peril so much stronger than in the other two books, in part because the two leads are even more stubborn than any of the four preceding leads.

This review of Fatal Pursuit by Elisabeth Naughton was originally published on January 29, 2018.