#BookReview: Circumstantial Evidence by Lisa Clark O’Neill

Follow The Evidence. This book flows well from the previous book, much like the previous book did from the book before it. Here, we delve further into the story of Will and Cam, who first met up in Admit One. But this time, the stakes are higher than they’ve been in Sweetwater. Ever. There was a kid that was murdered, and right when Will thinks he finally found his man… it turns out, his evidence was too circumstantial. There is another killer on the loose. And Will just put his burgeoning family square in its crosshairs… Excellent conclusion to this particular triliogy, while also more concretely (finally) tying into the author’s other works. Looking forward to exploring more from Ms. O’Neill.

This review of Circumstantial Evidence by Lisa Clark O’Neill was originally published on August 12, 2018.