Featured New Release Of The Week: Saving Grace by Vi Carter

This week, we’re looking at a great romance that serves as the introduction to a new series. This week, we’re looking at Saving Grace by Vi Carter.

In the opening scene of this book, we’re introduced to several friends at a bonfire. This group of friends will all play parts in this book while also setting up future books featuring them. Meanwhile, in the next chapter, we get down to business with the actual story of this book: Grace projects having it all together, but inside she is a mess. Derek is secretly sent by Grace’s big brother to look over her… with explicit instructions that she is off limits romantically.

But when Grace finds herself in some… interesting… predicaments, Derek finds himself needing to save her. And in the process, a spark happens…

This was an excellent book about a broken girl and a guy in an impossible situation and an excellent introduction to a new series, with the usual tropes – the secondary female character is indeed the next female lead, and the other female characters will get their own books in time. Very much enjoyed this book, and very much looking forward to the rest of the series.

Sweet Salvation. This was a great book about a woman tortured by her past and haunted by ghosts both living and dead. As the first in a new series, it works well in introducing several characters to play with in the next books while keeping the main focus on this particular book’s couple and their story. Great story by itself, and at least as solid a foundation for the new series. Very much looking forward to reading the next books.