Featured New Release Of The Week: The Perfect Match by Maggie Dallen

This week, we continue Maggie Dallen’s Kissing The Enemy series with the story of introvert Kate and new guy Levi. This week, we’re looking at The Perfect Match by Maggie Dallen.

This is the middle book of a short series of high school romances centered on different high school sports, in this case soccer. And in this particular book, we actually get the most sports of any of the three books in the series, though that isn’t really saying much. The book steers away from the couple featured in the first book – neither Callie nor Noah show up very much at all in this book. Instead, this book uses Callie’s friend Maddie as the real glue between The Perfect Catch and The Perfect Match, even though all six people that feature as the couples of this trilogy were introduced in The Perfect Catch. But that allows us to focus more on the high school drama side of things, which can be entertaining. When you’re no longer in high school.

Overall, the tale of Kate finding a way to be more expressive while Levi struggles to feel at home in his new environment was great, fun, and mostly light. Very much looking forward to Maddie and Ox’s story to finish the trilogy.

GOOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL! This second entry into Dallen’s Kissing the Enemy series is just as fun and lighthearted as the first, with just enough drama to keep things interesting. Though it is possible that there is even less sport in this book (in this case, soccer) than there was in the first book in the series, as Dallen keeps the focus on the romance side of things. Which is fine, for a romance book. I was just kinda interested in the sports too. (Hey, I’m a guy :D) Excellent story, easy read. Very much recommended.