Featured New Release Of The Week: One Last Summer by Victoria Connelly

This week we are looking at a tale of three friends getting together to spend one last perfect summer together in a former monastery in the English countryside. This week, we are looking at One Last Summer by Victoria Connelly.

This was a solid tale of three middle aged women long out of college getting back together for one perfect summer to reconnect with each other. While one might expect there to be little to no drama and more of a feel good story, there was actually quite a bit of drama to be had between the reason the one woman actually drew everyone together – and her hesistance to reveal it -, another’s workaholic ways that send her to the hospital, and the other’s insecurities about her own life. Toss in light flirting with two eligible men for the two single ladies and a stern and insistent housekeeper, and you get most of the characters of this book.

Given the central premise of the book, one might expect it to be tearjerker city. And this reader could see where perhaps others would have such a response. But for whatever reason, it just wasn’t happening here. Great story, perfect for the age and situations of the characters involved. Looking forward to this author’s next work.

And one last Goodreads/Amazon review:

Perfect Summer. Given the premise of this book, one would expect a “perfect summer” story – and to a point, that is what you find here. But this “perfect summer” also has quite a bit of drama as our central character fights with herself over how much to share of her situation and when. There is quite a bit of laughter and even some hijinx. There is an epic “last supper”. But overall, there aren’t the tears that maybe one would expect with a story with this premise. Maybe it is the male in me, but I’ve rarely had trouble connecting with female centric stories before, so I doubt it. Overall a solid tale, one that deserves to be read and explored. Looking forward to the next book from this author. 🙂

Note: I reaped this fresh.