#BookReview: Callsign: King by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis

I’ve read every single book Mr. Robinson has put out so far, though Mr. Ellis is new to me. So I have a pretty good feel for Mr. Robinson’s writing…

… and like the title says here, I couldn’t tell that there were two authors involved in this project. It flows just like any other CHESS TEAM book, though the only member of the Team that appears in this one is the titular leader.

The story is GREAT – basically 1/5 of a full-team CHESS TEAM book, full of the same type of action, adventure, and ancient mystery that series is becoming known for. Overall, this novella adds to the overall mythos in a surprising (based on the prior mythos) yet refreshing way, and portends even more adventure for the Team in the face of the new twist. While having read the prior CHESS TEAM books will give a richer depth to the story, this novella could also serve as a good intro to the overall style for those hesitant to commit to a full book, and thus can be recommended for both fans of Mr. Robinson as well as people looking for new action-adventure authors.

I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing where Mr. Robinson and Co. go with this novella series – 2011 just got a lot more interesting!

This review of Callsign: King by Jeremy Robinson and Sean Ellis was originally published on July 11, 2011.