#BookReview: Ragnarok by Jeremy Robinson

If you like globe trotting action (ala PULSE or THRESHOLD), you’ll love the first half of this book. If you like more one-location action (ala INSTINCT), you’ll love the second half/ final battle of this book. If you want to know what happens with the Chess Team spread all over the planet, each off doing their own thing, and how they come back together, you’ll love this entire book. If you love action mixed with a bit of sci-fi, you’ll love this entire book. If you like balls to the wall action, you’ll love this entire book.

Robinson is quickly gaining more and more space on bookshelves, both in bookstores and in personal libraries, and this book is yet another masterpiece. Seriously, about the only people that won’t like this book are those who prefer more Nicholas Sparks style books. If you like action and mystery, this book is for you. And even if you think you know what’s coming…. you don’t. Filled with in references to Jeremy’s other books even outside the Chess Team series, any fan will have plenty of laugh out loud moments – and anyone new to the series will have plenty of references to track down in Jeremy’s other works.

Brief plot synopsis: The Chess Team is spread all over the place. Rook is where we left him in his novella, Bishop and Knight are in Uganda taking down a splinter cell of the LRA, Queen is tracking down Rook, and King is…. stumbling across a bomb plot at Disneyworld while trying to take his new family on a much deserved vacation.

Suddenly, mysterious glowing balls start showing up all over the place, taking everything that was inside them with them when they go – and unleashing mucho devastation while they are here.

King and Deep Blue are sent off to examine one globe, Knight and Bishop are sent to handle another…. but where is Rook? And where is Queen? One Chess Team member alone is devastating. Any two are deadly. But if they are going to solve Ragnarok, they will need the full force of all five members (and then some!) to tackle their biggest enemy yet.

This review of Ragnarok by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on October 19, 2012.