#BookReview: The Last Valkyrie by Jeremy Robinson

We finally get to return to Antarktos, and this is just as grand a tale as the first time we meet Solomon Ull Vincent, the boy who would become The Last Hunter and later King of Antarktos.

In this tale, we meet Sol’s two daughters in the period where Sol is away (fighting in the events of another of Robinson’s books called Project LEGION. though that detail is never mentioned in this particular tale). When the more adventurous daughter is kidnapped by the remnants of the Nephilim, the quieter daughter must track her down – and eventually discover her own mystic connection to Antarktos.

As with Robinson’s other female-coauthored book (The Distance, with his wife Hillaree), the only real distinction you get that Robinson even has a coauthor here (for the first time in the Antarktos Saga) is that the female perspective is more fleshed out than you normally get from Robinson. Other than that particular distinction, this is a tale that will either serve as an introduction point to Antarktos for those who have yet to discover it, or as a welcome addition to the Saga for those who have loved it for years now.

Truly a wonderful adventure, and an amazing debut work for Paquette.

This review of The Last Valkyrie by Jeremy Robinson and Tori Paquette was originally published on January 25, 2017.