#BookReview: When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker

Wow! WRECKAGE- Bleeker’s first book- was more powerful, but that is the only book I can really compare this to – this book is *that* good. And it may even be as good as/ better than WRECKAGE – which is about the highest praise I can possibly give. Certainly in this genre, *possibly* in books in general. At first, you’re in it to see how Luke and family cope – you’re introduced to them on the first pages as they enter their garage after Luke’s wife’s (and the kids’ mother’s) funeral. While hints are dropped to the mysteries to come early, you really don’t get to the mystery aspect of this until around halfway in – then it starts building on itself, as Luke and family are finally healing enough for Luke to start asking questions and being more observant. From then on… watch out!

This review of When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker was originally published on March 28, 2016.