#BookReview: Apocalypse Machine by Jeremy Robinson

A Kaiju the size of an entire major city – maybe even bigger. (Yes, you read that right.) Not a skyscraper ala Nemesis, but an entire FRAKKIN CITY. And one man is connected to it, thanks to helping a friend who accidentally stepped on a piece of it in Iceland.

Can he stop it? Can he even get to his family in time to at least be with them during the Apocalypse? Join Abraham Wright as he races around the world trying to save his family. See what happens when something that calls itself the “Machine” rises from the depths of the earth.

See yet another way humanity ends according to the mind of Jeremy Robinson.

The man that spawned a genre is back at it with his most ambitious kaiju story yet – and quite possibly his best.

This review of Apocalypse Machine by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on March 1, 2016.