#BookReview: Infinity Reborn by S. Harrison

What. A. Rush! In this epic conclusion to the Infinity Trilogy, we get most of the answers to the questions we’ve been asking all along, though little closure to anything. (The “epilogue”, such as it exists, is barely 1 page long.) And yes, there are bits and pieces of seeming inconsistency – without giving too much away, at one point there is a Kinetic Kill Vehicle mentioned (ie, a space=based solid metal pole, which is how it is described in the book). Except that when it is finally used, it goes off like a nuclear detonation – which KKVs do *not* do.

The most important thing to remember about this Trilogy is that it was never really about the events that finally get answered and resolved in the final third of this third book of the trilogy – literally the last 1/9th of the saga. This Trilogy is about Finn/Infinity and the struggle for her to learn who and what she is. And in that particular arena, this book and this Trilogy truly shines – and gives us the most answers and resolution.

This review of Infinity Reborn by S. Harrison was originally published on March 5, 2018.