#BookReview: Everything We Give by Kerry Lonsdale

Epic Conclusion. In this conclusion to the Everything Trilogy, we follow up shortly after the ending of the 2nd book and get an Ian-centric story this time. In it, we struggles as a kid trying to deal with his mother’s Dissociative Identity Disorder and how the issues that it caused have played out in his adult life. Humourous with inside jokes for the reader at times, particularly when Aimee follows up some thought with “but that is [Insert James or Ian Here]’s story to tell”. Overall this is probably the heaviest of a heavy trilogy, but it is a fitting conclusion that wraps up the last unresolved thread from the first two books. Read the first two books first, but you’ll want to have this one handy when you finish Book 2. 🙂

This review of Everything We Give by Kerry Lonsdale was originally published on November 20, 2018.