#BookReview: It’s In His Forever by Shelly Alexander

Finally Forever. This book has all the feels and hijinx of a novel length Red River Valley tale, but in shorter novella form – though closer to 80 pages or so, rather than the 13 pages Goodreads currently claims. To put that in a bit of perspective, Goodreads claims that the previous book in the series was 318 pages – making this one roughly 1/4 the length of the previous one. And honestly, just as good. We already know both of these characters and their issues from being secondary characters in previous books, so this one can and does ignore all of that setup that the previous books required for their couples. Instead, we get the more or less straight relationship stuff, beginning with where we left this couple before and progressing to a happier ending for them – their forever. Very much looking forward to where Alexander takes this series next.

This review of It’s In His Forever by Shelly Alexander was originally published on March 12, 2019.