Featured New Release of the Week: Ghost Pain by Pandora Pine

This week we’re going back into a year long saga of a pair of ghost detectives. This week, we’re looking at Ghost Pain by Pandora Pine.

This entire spinoff series has been my entry point into Pine’s universe, and I’ve been very impressed so far. She manages to bring the paranormal and the normal together in ways rarely seen in other similar efforts, all while keeping the series focused on the people involved even as the individual books feature specific cases. (As the better long running series – in any medium – tend to do.)

This particular book is a typical entry in that vein – we open up dealing with the aftermath of the ending of Ghost of a Chance (Book 5), and because of that at minimum that book needs to be read before that one. But even that book deals with the events from the very first book in this spinoff series, Ghost of Himself. (And on and on and on :D) So read all six books – because by the end of this one Pine basically calls her shot with presumably the next book, and it is one that has been building since even before this spinoff series began.

This book in particular was Pine’s usual excellence in storytelling and execution, and I am very much looking forward to Book 7! 🙂

And with that… the Goodreads/ Amazon review:

Just A Normal Day At The Office… …until it isn’t. This story picks up in the aftermath of Book 5 (Ghost of a Chance), and thus is one of few books in this series you *really* need to read at least the previous book before reading this one. And this one is Pine’s normal excellent work, filled with ever more challenging cases for the Ghost Detectives and the world around them and a few new wrinkles to the paranormal world they inhabit. But what really elevates this book is the epilogue itself, where Pine shows her hand as to where the saga is going (presumably) next – a place she has been building to almost since before the beginning of this spinoff series. But ya gotta read this book to get there… 🙂