#BookReview: Dating the Quaterback by Maggie Dallen

Interesting Conclusion. The first thing to know about this book is that it really does need to be read second, after Charming the Cheerleader. Why? Because the timelines start at roughly the same points and you get two people’s views on a lot of the same events – even while telling their own story about their own high school romance. Also, there are some pretty decent spoilers for Charming the Cheerleader if you attempt to read this book first, so be forewarned there. Beyond doing my best to ensure that you read this particular book second, I can tell you that they are told in a very similar style and both involve very similar topics and issues, though with a few particulars based on individual characters. In other words, all four of these people in these two couples have normal-ish high school issues, but the particular issues are specific to each individual. As always, if you’re looking for a fairly light, low drama HS romance… Dallen has you covered. Very much recommended.

This review of Dating the Quarterback by Maggie Dallen was originally written on February 2, 2020.