#BookReview: Dead On Arrival by Pandora Pine

The Cop Becomes The Accused. This is the latest chapter in Pine’s long running and expansive Cold Case Psychic universe, back in the “main” storyline once again. And as with most of these tales, it can work as a first book for you, if you don’t mind coming in and already seeing an established relationship(s), rather than the initial building of one. In this particular tale, Ronan and Tennyson’s relationship is put to its biggest test to date when Ronan walks in on Tennyson kissing another man… and that man is dead hours later with his blood all over Ronan’s body. A solid look – from the eyes of a cop – at the issues of when a cop becomes the accused, though in at least a slightly Hallmarkie way. (ie, this *is* still a romance book, and follows RWA conventions to that point.) Yet another great entry, and very much recommended.

This review of Dead On Arrival by Pandora Pine was originally written on February 8, 2020.