#BookReview: Kill The King by Sandrone Dazieri

Dark And Disturbing. I walked into this third book in a series without having read the first two, and while the rapid introduction of characters at the beginning is a bit overwhelming at times when doing this, and there are very defintely spoilers for previous stories here, it *is* possible to follow and enjoy this story by itself, even if you haven’t read the previous two books. That noted, this features an all too real look at the amazing power of Autism… and some of the darker aspects of what neurotypicals have subjected Autistics and other neurodivergents to over the years. Awesomely, the various Autistic abilities shown are based in reality – including discussion of the future of humanity – but sadly, so are the various abuses discussed. The book has a “Return of the King” type vibe for a bit after the 75% or so mark, where it feels like what should have been the end of the tale actually isn’t, and the story drags out a bit… but then it gets a bit better in its closing pages and shows the point of why it didn’t end there. To the level of almost being an extra novella or perhaps short story after the natural end of the tale. Interesting decisions at many levels of how it is divided up, and very much recommended.

This review of Kill The King by Sandrone Dazieri was originally written on May 24, 2020.