Featured New Release Of The Week: Sister Dear by Hannah Mary McKinnon

This week we’re looking at a book that does one of the most remarkable jobs I’ve ever seen of seemingly giving you one story – only to completely flip it and rewrite everything in a single scene. This week, we’re looking at Sister Dear by Hannah Mary McKinnon.

As you’re reading this book, you may indeed wind up asking yourself “why is this marketed as a thriller? This seems to be a women’s fiction book, if slightly creepy?”.

And that is a very fair question to ask, as through most of this book this is exactly what the book feels like it is. It feels like the description has completely lied to you and made you think you were getting this massive thrill ride, and instead you’re left with… some chick depressed that her dad died and her mom hates her? Really?

But then, in a single scene, McKinnon strikes and reveals her true brilliance. In a single scene, everything prior is recast in a new light, and you discover that this women’s fiction story really was a thriller all along – it was just even more devious than you thought it at some points could turn into, but never had.

Others have said that this book almost demands a sequel. I’m more ambivalent on that. I actually enjoyed the ending and I’m completely satisfied leaving this tale there – in part because the flip was so brilliantly executed, and that defining feature of this tale would very likely be impossible to repeat in a sequel. That said, since I’m fairly certain McKinnon will actually read this: I dare you to try. 😀 You showed how masterful you are here, can you outdo even yourself? 😉

Very much recommended – go buy the dang thing already!

Description Doesn’t Match Story… Until It Does. I gotta admit, the most remarkable thing about this book for me was how WILDLY wrong the description was. Until it wasn’t anymore, and suddenly the description fit perfectly. McKinnon does a remarkable job of seemingly writing one story, only to suddenly flip it and reveal that she had been writing a very different story all along. Very much recommended.