#BookReview: Last One To Lie by JM Winchester

Complete MindF*ck. This was one of those books that sucks you in, doesn’t let you go, and twists your brain every which way imaginable… and then doesn’t even have the decency to set it straight before throwing you to the curb, finished with the book. At least my ARC copy – acquired far enough ahead of publication that this could possibly have been changed – has a slightly confusing (but interesting) way of labeling the chapters with timestamps but not perspectives, so it usually takes a few sentences or even a few paragraphs to understand whose mind you’re in at a given point. Explosive almost from the first word to the last. A welcome “lighter” sophomore effort under this name (if only in comparison to *just how dark* the freshman book under this name was), reading this author’s romance books under her real name followed soon after by one of the books under this name is a particular revelation of just how gifted a storyteller she truly is. Very much recommended.

This review of Last One To Lie by JM Winchester was originally written on June 4, 2020.