#BookReview: The D In 403B by Jess Bryant

Fun Style. This was a mostly light book that took a rare tack, and that is generally fun when executed well – which it absolutely is here. There is a fair amount of drama here, but the most interesting part about this book is absolutely the notes each man leaves on the other’s door. The author even includes them in the text (as well as actually typing them out), so bonus points for going a bit above and beyond creatively. Beyond that, this is a fairly standard MM romance, with all that the genre entails. Maybe a bit more preachy about being explicitly egalitarian in the relationship than many are, though apparently many readers like the genre specifically for this feature of it, so perhaps that would be a bit of a selling point in and of itself. Not one I particularly care about, but eh, it didn’t really detract from the story – which is what I absolutely do care about. All in all, very much recommended.

This review of The D in 403B by Jess Bryant was originally written on June 4, 2020.