#BookReview: The Cul-de-Sac War by Melissa Ferguson

Freaking Hilarious. For me, this book was the first in a while that had me literally laughing out loud and seemingly nearly literally laughing my tail off. And since it marked book 148 on the year (and thus somewhere north of 500 during the current US Presidency)… yeah, that’s saying something. 😀 Probably not “Christian” enough for the “Christian Fiction” crowd, so attempting to market that direction is probably a misnomer. But for the “clean”/ “sweet” romance crowd, yeah, this will work. I could have done without a particular element of the epilogue. (Seriously, why do so many romances have to go *there*? I’d rather see explicit, hyper-kinky sex on page than *that*.) But beyond that particular quibble (which is probably about as common as my childfree married male in his late 30s status – which is, not very at all), this really was a fun book and a perfect rebound from the hyper-darkness of the book I read before it. Which also makes it a great rebound for whatever you may be feeling when this releases one week after the current US Presidential Election. And yes, that means this is an ARC read, with all that that entails. In the end, truly funny and fun, and very much recommended.

This review of The Cul-de-Sac War by Melissa Ferguson was originally written on August 25, 2020.