#BookReview: The Age Of Wood by Roland Ennos

Mr. Ennos, I Read This Book On A Kindle. 😉 This was a fascinating and at times novel look at how wood – not stone or metals – has allowed and even encouraged human biological and civilizational evolution. Written by a British academic-engineer, this book looks to the bioengineering of woods of various forms and how the material’s strengths and versatilities have allowed so much human progress, from eras before homo sapien sapien appeared through the future of the species. While the text does have a couple of weaknesses – he assumes that the book will be read on paper and there is a distinct lack of bibliography, at least in this advanced review copy I read – overall the book really is an amazing look at an oft-overlooked feature of human history. Very much recommended.

This review of The Age Of Wood by Roland Ennos was originally written on October 6, 2020.