#BookReview: Love In The Alaskan Wilds by Jennifer Snow

Need More From These Characters. Maybe it was because this novella was on the back of a full length novel (Second Chance Alaska) where best friends suddenly became lovers, but this novella – while technically a complete romance according to all RWA standards as I know them – feels more like the beginning of a romance than an actual full fledged romance. Which is weird, because in pretty well every other novella Snow has done, you never get this sense at all. Yes, they are all similarly paced and have a similar page count, and this one does in fact continue both of these. But with the others, it felt like we were getting a complete romance tale… condensed. Here, it feels more like we’re getting the first date/ very beginning of the relationship. Which works and was great… it just felt like there was so much more to do with these two characters. Thus, if the series is in fact continuing, this reader in particular hopes that this couple can become at least prominent secondary characters in a follow up tale. Even for the brevity here, this is still an excellent introduction to this author, her manner of storytelling, and the general setting and stories of this particular series – for any that may be coming into this new. For longer time fans, this is a solid outing in this particular series. Very much recommended.

This review of Love In The Alaskan Wilds by Jennifer Snow was originally written on March 21, 2023.