#BookReview: Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson

τὰ γὰρ ὀψώνια τῆς ἁμαρτίας Νέμεσις. In one of the more famous Biblical passages amongst at least certain American crowds – and, based on Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God and Dante’s Inferno (itself based on earlier works by St. Thomas Aquinas and non-Biblical yet popular Apocalypse tales that circled in the early centuries within the Christian community), possibly among the more famous Biblical passages in all of Christendom, St. Paul once wrote in his Epistle to the Romans “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23, NIV/ NKJV)

The title of this review is actually Robinson’s spin on that particular verse, which he essentially used to reboot and retell the story of Νέμεσις – Nemesis, the ancient Greek god of vengeance he originally crafted a balls to the wall kaiju action series around in PROJECT: NEMESIS. Which led to his very *first* ‘Avengers Level Event’ (my term for it) collaboration at the end of that series. If you want the actual translation of the title… you’re gonna have to read the book. Though this review so far should give you a pretty good idea of what it says. 😀 I can honestly say that the very first time I saw that particular phrase in the book, I IM’d Jeremy directly immediately and said “this *has* to be your next image in your TeePublic store“. It was that awesome. 😀

And the rest of the story is equally amazing, unexpectedly bringing back yet another creature from the Robinsonverse – whose origin even in its standalone tale was tied to an “alternate dimension” Nemesis + another connection to yet a third Robinsonverse tale, and whose origin remains intact (in at least these two respects) in this tale. Indeed, the unexpected just keeps coming within this tale, as the presence of this particular creature – and specifically how it is created here – draws Nemesis herself in for yet again more very creative monster/ kaiju fighting. Indeed, even for long time fans of Nemesis herself… old girl’s got some new tricks here, particularly since this is a *different version* of her. 😉 And not just Nemesis. Other features of those books also get entirely rebooted, including a new “Betty” with some interesting new abilities that turn our heroes into in some cases even more badass versions of a particular red and gold Marvel superhero. Also note to be missed is Robinson’s commentary on a particular 2010s era movie that may or may not have included one particular scene that may or may not have been *eerily* reminiscent of the earlier Nemesis tales, in one exact moment in particular.

One thing I need to make 100% crystal clear though: Old fans, new fans, whoever you may be: This is a 100% standalone book. You don’t need to know *anything* about literally anything to enjoy this tale as it is written. You don’t need to have read every Robinson book (or nearly so). You don’t need to have a deep knowledge base of Christian thought. You don’t even have to have any knowledge of pop culture (and in some cases, some relatively obscure areas that wouldn’t necessarily be described as overly “popular”, more along the lines of “cult” at best). This is still the New God of Science Fiction doing what he does best, and that which he does better than anyone else I’ve ever come across – giving you kick ass, balls to the wall, science fiction action/ thrillers that sometimes make you think, often times have connections all around that don’t impede the story, and are always upping themselves in just how creative their creator can be.

It is actually quite funny me in particular. Yet again, Robinson said “I’m working on this new concept” and said what it was. Yet again I was skeptical. And yet again, Robinson earned every praise I can ever give his storytelling and world crafting abilities. (I famously did this with the Chess Team/ Jack Sigler Adventures when he first told me about them – and they became one of his greatest early career innovations.)

Truly a fun bit of escapist science fiction that will nearly be as deep as you want it to be – and no more. Exactly what the best science fiction has always done. Very much recommended.

This review of Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson was originally written on August 23, 2023.

#BookReview: Project Legion by Jeremy Robinson

The moment we have been waiting for years to arrive… does.

Robinson has been teasing his fans with the idea of setting up an Avengers level event for several years, and the anticipation has been growing with every book since he first mentioned the idea. With PROJECT LEGION, he *finally* gives it to us, and the result is simply stunning.

This book is somewhat similar in structure to the actual first Avengers movie the MCU did. It introduces the various team members in such a way that even if you’ve never read any of the preceding books, you know enough about them to enjoy this book. But reading the preceding books allows you to have many more “cool!” moments. It even follows the Avengers type in introducing its most powerful team member… and then having this person away until the final “camera circling the team as the theme plays” Avengers moment.

Long time fans of Robinson will LOVE this book, as several characters from various worlds from literally the beginning of Robinson’s fiction writing career through some of his most recent books finally merge into one amazing story. To get easily one of the best stories I’ve read in 2016, read this book. To get the various nuances and “cool!” moments, read at least 5 of Robinson’s previous works first – ones that detail the various team members, including the CHESS TEAM book THRESHOLD, DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY, UPRISING (also called XOM-B), MIRRORWORLD, THE LAST HUNTER, and at least the previous two PROJECT series books. All of those books are great in their own right. When Robinson manages to bring all of these together…

Let’s just say that the Avengers movie made over a billion dollars at the box office… and this book is better.

This review of Project Legion by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on November 2, 2016.

#BookReview: Unity by Jeremy Robinson

We know from the cover of this book that a giant mech-style robot is going to come into play. But getting from the opening chaos of our central character being woken up and shoved on a transport plane – that subsequently crashes – to the robot is quite a ride indeed. With UNITY, Robinson has taken us into one of his most developed and novel worlds yet. Technically this could be classed as YA due to the characters’ ages, but don’t let that fool you – this is one excellent ride, cover to cover, no matter what brand of technothriller/ scifi / dystopia you like. (And don’t let even that fool you – if you want an excellent story, period, this is the book for you.)

This review of Unity by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on July 31, 2016.

#BookReview: Apocalypse Machine by Jeremy Robinson

A Kaiju the size of an entire major city – maybe even bigger. (Yes, you read that right.) Not a skyscraper ala Nemesis, but an entire FRAKKIN CITY. And one man is connected to it, thanks to helping a friend who accidentally stepped on a piece of it in Iceland.

Can he stop it? Can he even get to his family in time to at least be with them during the Apocalypse? Join Abraham Wright as he races around the world trying to save his family. See what happens when something that calls itself the “Machine” rises from the depths of the earth.

See yet another way humanity ends according to the mind of Jeremy Robinson.

The man that spawned a genre is back at it with his most ambitious kaiju story yet – and quite possibly his best.

This review of Apocalypse Machine by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on March 1, 2016.

#BookReview: Project Hyperion by Jeremy Robinson

In the latest entrant of the NEMESIS series, we FINALLY begin seeing some things set in motion that have been rumored and hinted at for YEARS.

Jon Hudson and family are out in the bay investigating a “sea monster”. Nemesis, now controlled by Jon’s frenemy ninja Endo, is recuperating deep in the ocean hundreds of miles away. But Nemesis senses something… the Aeros are sending in their vanguard, and she is the only being that stands a chance at stopping it.

And then Maigo and Lily find a giant robot – the very robot that killed Nemesis Prime centuries ago.

Nemesis and the robot – now calling itself HYPERION – must take on the advance guard of the Aeros as the Ferox race to get to Earth before the Aeros.

Earth is officially caught in the crosshairs of intergalactic war, and this is something not even the FC-P is fully prepared for.

Yet again, the Master out does himself. Robinson effectively created the “kaiju thriller” genre, and yet again tops himself. If you’re a fan of ninjas, aliens, kaiju, or giant robots, you’re going to love this book. If you loved Pacific Rim, you NEED THIS BOOK. If you hated Pacific Rim, well, this book does what Pacific Rim *should* have done.

This review of Project Hyperion by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on September 23, 2015.

#BookReview: Project 731 by Jeremy Robinson

Jeremy Robinson continues to show why he is the master of the Kaiju literary genre – and deserves to see his ideas put to the big screen. This story in particular seems almost tailor-made for Hollywood – two terrifying creatures combine, and the original form of one of them has to stop the other.

Our action here picks up not long after where PROJECT MAIGO finished up, dealing with the repercussions of that book’s final battle. Meanwhile, another super secret government group is having a bit of clean up of its own – it seems some of the creatures from ISLAND 731 have made their way to the Oregon coast. These two storylines converge near LA, and LA and Salt Lake City will never be the same again.

Fans of Robinson will be thrilled – there is quite a bit here for the long time fan. Newbies to Robinson will get a prototypical Robinson story – wildly imaginative action, with humans fighting humans, humans fighting creatures, creatures fighting creatures, and just about everything in between, along with genuine character development, particularly in Hudson and Maigo. So pick this book up – you really can never go wrong with this author!

This review of Project 731 by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on December 1, 2014.

#BookReview Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson

gotta admit, I’ve never really been a fan of the Godzilla-type stories. Not in movie form, and I’ve certainly never read a book about them.

And then I picked up Robinson’s Project Nemesis – specifically because it was written by Robinson.

Now I can’t wait for my second strange beast book!

The basics: Guys find something in Alaska. Later, one of the guys heads a team working on human regeneration. Hands some strange DNA to his team after they have gotten close, but not close enough. Tissue with the new DNA seems to finally work.

Only it has side effects that are only learned too late. The human grown without a brain, specifically to harvest its organs, *lives* after having its heart cut out.

Meanwhile, a Homeland Security office chief goes to investigate Sasquatch. The local (female) Sheriff finds him after a night of drunkeness and first meets him in his boxers. Together, they stumble upon a secret facility that is not what it seems.

Just as a strange beast lays waste to the place…

If you’ve never heard of Robinson, there’s really not a bad book to start with from him, and this is no exception. It has some similarities to his Chess Team books, and even a passing resemblance to his Last Hunter series. Pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed – and you may well have found your new favorite author.

This review of Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on February 10, 2013.