#BookReview: Project Hyperion by Jeremy Robinson

In the latest entrant of the NEMESIS series, we FINALLY begin seeing some things set in motion that have been rumored and hinted at for YEARS.

Jon Hudson and family are out in the bay investigating a “sea monster”. Nemesis, now controlled by Jon’s frenemy ninja Endo, is recuperating deep in the ocean hundreds of miles away. But Nemesis senses something… the Aeros are sending in their vanguard, and she is the only being that stands a chance at stopping it.

And then Maigo and Lily find a giant robot – the very robot that killed Nemesis Prime centuries ago.

Nemesis and the robot – now calling itself HYPERION – must take on the advance guard of the Aeros as the Ferox race to get to Earth before the Aeros.

Earth is officially caught in the crosshairs of intergalactic war, and this is something not even the FC-P is fully prepared for.

Yet again, the Master out does himself. Robinson effectively created the “kaiju thriller” genre, and yet again tops himself. If you’re a fan of ninjas, aliens, kaiju, or giant robots, you’re going to love this book. If you loved Pacific Rim, you NEED THIS BOOK. If you hated Pacific Rim, well, this book does what Pacific Rim *should* have done.

This review of Project Hyperion by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on September 23, 2015.