#BookReview: Anarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson

This was an AMAZING book. Better than Cussler’s *Atlantis Rising*, better than Alten’s *Domain*, and yet this guy doesn’t have a major publishing contract yet!!

I found Jeremy Robinson on myspace after he invited me to be his friend there. Ordered Antarktos Rising and Didymus Contingency that day from his site, got them two days later, and had Antarktos finished 2 days after that. (Actually closer to within 36 hours. 300+ page book, and when I wasn’t working or sleeping, I was reading it. It was THAT good, and THAT interesting!)

As far as specifics: The ‘Day After Tomorrow’ type scenes early in the book were excellent, as was the ending of that sequence. (Touches of 10.5 there.) The battle scenes with the Chinese army were excellent – you could TOTALLY see the Red Army doing exactly as they did – as was the tension in the American team, particularly after they ‘adopt’ another member. Furthermore, I found that the theories revealed in the endgame were intriguing, in a similar fashion as to those revealed in the later stages of Alten’s ‘Domain’.

I fully look forward to a sequel, and have officially found a new author that will have at least one buyer of any book he puts out as long as I am alive.

This review of Antarktos Rising by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on Amazon on Feb 25, 2008.