#BookReview: Instinct by Jeremy Robinson

I literally finished this book in about 36 hours after starting it – I couldn’t put it down!

The action starts with the Chess Team getting ready for a relaxing barbeque with the President – his way of thanking them for their battles in PULSE and other successful missions between the books, since they refuse any other medals or commendations.

All of a sudden, the Team is called out on a mission – without Deep Blue, their eye-in-the-sky fearless leader.

King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, and Rook get dropped into a hot LZ in Vietnam along with Pawn, a CDC virus specialist. The mission is to keep Pawn alive while she can track down a cure to a virus that has already claimed the life of the President and threatens to kill every male on the planet – including King, Knight, Rook, and even Bishop.

Facing Vietnamese Special Forces, along with a far more sinister and unknown adversary, the Team fights to keep Pawn alive, as well as themselves. Will they survive, or will the adversaries – human, virus, and unknown – kill every single member of the Team and doom humanity?

For that, you’ll just have to read this AMAZING book.

Pay attention to the end of the tale for the reveal of Deep Blue’s real identity, among other surprises…

This review of Instinct by Jeremy Robinson was originally published on Amazon on June 28, 2010.