Featured New Release of the Week: Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

This week we look at a book that is explosive until almost literally the very last word. This week, we look at Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale.

With this book, as she did in her Everything series, Lonsdale yet again explores a memory-related condition while telling a compelling tale of love and, in this case, manipulation. If you haven’t yet read the Everything series, this is an excellent introduction to Lonsdale’s style and ability.

This is yet another recent book that explores a particular concept that is finally becoming more recognized in the mainstream, even though yet again this book doesn’t use the preferred term for the situation, and there seems to be a growing consensus among fiction writers who broach it – carrying on a relationship while disagreeing on this situation pretty well dooms the relationship moreso than any other factor. To reveal the particular situation would be to toe the line of spoilers if not cross it, and that isn’t something I want to do in these posts. So go read the book to discover the situation I am referring to here. 😉

As always, the Amazon/ Goodreads review:

Explosive Until Almost Literally The Last Word. This is yet another tale where Kerry Lonsdale superbly plays with memory to tell a truly compelling story, using different memory issues than she did in her Everything series but writing at least as well as that excellent work. If this is your first Lonsdale book, it is a great introduction to her general style and her ability to craft and tell a story that will draw you in and have you literally not wanting to put the book down. Just about the only quibble that can be openly discussed without verging close to, if not directly into, spoiler territory is that the cover, while beautiful in its own right, doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the story at all.