#BookReview: Poll Dancer by Laura Heffernan

Novel: Awesome. Commentary: Meh. As a novel, this book was solid. Maybe a bit too weighed down in social commentary, particularly in the back third, and nowhere near as refreshing as the author’s Gamer Girls series (whose third book this one takes some elements of), but a mostly solid tale with some genuinely hilarious moments nonetheless. Meets pretty much all RWA standards I am aware of.

But as someone who has ran (unsuccessfully) for rural small town public office (City Council of a town literally 4 sq miles in area) twice, the politics… your feelings about AOC will likely tell you whether you should consider this book from that angle. She is the lead character’s idol, and somewhat blatant character model. From my own experience working within the highest echelons of a State Assembly as a blogger and political activist, the action tends to break down on these levels, but I know more than most about these things and the action does indeed fall along how most think of them. So perhaps no real foul there.

Still, overall truly a solid book, particularly if you can set aside your own political inclinations and experiences and simply enjoy the tale being presented. Very much recommended.

This review of Poll Dancer by Laura Heffernan was originally written on June 14, 2020.